Leading the charge

Leading the charge

Purley based, SRG Electrical has carved a path for its own success by embracing new technologies, like EV charging points, and focusing on great customer service. Professional Electrician caught up with Managing Director Stuart Grant.

Standing out in a competitive market place is a challenge faced by electrical contracting firms of all sizes. It is especially tough for those who are just getting started, who are yet to build a network of word-of-mouth generated business. When there is only so much work to go around, what can business owners do to ensure they have the edge over their competitors and make sure their diary
stays full?

Diversity in electrical contracting is key. You’ve got to
move with the times. The more strings you have to your
bow, the less chance you have of ever being out of work

The cynical few will try and win work through lowering their prices. This may win them one or two jobs in the short term but the practice fundamentally devalues the skills and time required to conduct electrical work safely and competently. The more professional outfits, however, will find their success through maintaining a hard-earned good reputation with their clients, by understanding the importance of branding opportunities and personal appearance, and by identifying the business opportunities provided by new technologies.
All of these hallmarks were on display when I went to see SRG Electrical in action back in September (2016).

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