Tesla Home Charging

TESLA Home charging installation from SRG

One of the most convenient aspects of owning a Tesla is waking up to a fully charged car every morning. We want this experience to begin the moment you take delivery. While you are awaiting delivery of your Tesla, we recommend to prepare your home for charging. This page provides the information to get you prepared.

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What to install?

We recommend to install a Tesla Wall Connector at home as this is the most convenient way to charge. Tesla Wall Connector has a dedicated cable which plugs directly into your car and is available in two different cable lengths: 2.5 and 7.5 metre. Other cars with a Type 2 inlet can also charge on this unit. A Tesla Wall Connector enables charging up to 22 kW. The achievable charge rate depends on your power availability and vehicle configuration.

  • The majority of homes have a single phase grid connection, allowing you to charge up to 7.4 kW or 22 miles/hour*. This is more than sufficient for overnight charging.
  • Some homes however have a 3-phase grid connection. This connection enables you to charge up to 11 kW or 34 miles/hour*.
  • If more power is available or if you plan to upgrade your grid connection, a Tesla can charge up to 16.5 kW or 51 miles/hour*. To achieve this charge rate, the car needs to be equipped with the High power charger upgrade.
The Tesla Wall Connector can be purchased at your Service Centre, priced currently at £460.00 GBP (2.5m or 7.5m cable length) Then simply call SRG Electrical on 0845 644 8209 to arrange a survey and discussion prior to the installation!