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Bay Marking

To complement our Electric Vehicle charge point installations, our team of skilled engineers specialise in delivering creative and bespoke floor graphics. SRG Electrical Ltd are manufacturer trained in the delivery of Bay Marking application, to truly showcase any Electric Vehicle charging installation.


We focus our use on premium products and preparation techniques to ensure that the area for application is handed back to the client in the shortest time frame possible to the highest standard.

Our selection of material is based on industry-leading durable thermoplastic (paints avoided where possible) and MMA 2 part resins. We also have the ability to increase the reflective consistency of the product in areas of high traffic and safety concerns.

Our product can be applied to many surfaces, asphalt being the most common.

The product can also be applied to concrete and stone surfaces, by using the correct Primers, when preparing the surface.

The life of our material, when correctly applied, is 10 times longer than paint.

Red paint bay marking by SRG Electrical


Make the surface stand out to improve usability.

To look at a dark and boring surface is not an inspiring way of charging, so why not put colours on the surface and make it more special and beautiful?

Your imagination is the only limit!

Our product provides many advantages over national bay marking companies, where the works looks great for 6 months, then require reapplication.

  • Colourful with high UV resistance – The colours stay bright and shiny for a long time.
  • Product available in 18 colours, which makes it easier to design decorative and inspiring signs and symbols. The colourful markings spread happiness and inspiration to everyone.
  • Flexible and durable – Smaller details and curving shapes are possible
  • Non Toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Contains no lead or chromates
  • Colour Guaranteed
  • Lasts 10 times longer than paint
  • Anti-Skid Resistivity
  • Custom designs

Using SRG Electrical Ltd for your bay marking application, also gives you the ability to create, design and request custom floor graphics.  Using the latest water jet cutting technology, we are able to offer you a variety of fonts, sizes, designs and colours.  Why not apply your company logo to the EV charging bays, or choose a logo of your design?  With our in house graphic designers, anything is possible.  Call us today.

From our own SRG Electrical Ltd Installations, to third party applications for bay marking only, we have a solution.


We strive to have competitive prices and, with a full range of 24-hour services, we’re sure that we have you covered for any problems that may have arisen or for any installations you may require.

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