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Home to Parkable EV in the UK, a worldwide, proven back office and parking management solution.

Parkable’s software integrates with many EV hardware providers, allowing administrators and client to manage their fleet, staff and visitors with ease. Simply access our network via RFID card, Smart App or QR code to activate your charge with ease.


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Give access to staff, visitors, or the public. Provide free charging for guests or monetise your chargers for extra revenue.



View real-time usage and monthly reporting for an accurate view of how chargers are used and more informed decision-making.



EV drivers pay for charging via the Parkable app, QR code or RFID card, and you’re sent automatic monthly payments direct to your bank account with the user receiving an email receipt after their transaction.

Charging your ev with parkable

Find EV Chargers

Use the App to find available chargers and check prices. Start and stop charging with a tap on your phone


Keep an eye on your EV

See how long you’ve been charging and that your EV is still connected. Add chargers to your in-app ‘Favourites’ for easy access.


Seamless Payments

Pay for charging via the Parkable app or with your RFID card. See past charges in one pace, and receive automatic receipts.

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Parkable EV charge software supports all OCPP 1.6J-compliant smart chargers.

  • Customise permissions based on workplace and public availability
  • Manage electrical load
  • Set and update charging rates and tariffs based on API or demand

You can integrate Parkable with pre-installed smart chargers, or contact us and we’ll help you find the best chargers for you.

EASILY Manage and monetise your EV chargers


If you have electric vehicle chargers in your car park, manage their use with Parkable. With the app you can give private access to staff and visitors, or even make EV chargers available to the public. Plus, it’s flexible whether you want to provide free charging or monetise them for extra revenue.

  • Easy credit card payments through the app
  • View real-time usage and monthly reporting
  • Get automatic monthly payments
  • Integrate any OCPP 1.6J-compliant smart chargers


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What To Expect

While Parkable works great with Evnex our hardware supplier of choice, it also supports many other OCPP 1.6 compatible charging stations.  Don’t get stuck with just one vendor!



    • Always improving
    • Secure
    • Simple to use
    • Fast Support
    • Generate Reports quick and easily

Software based load balancing

When planning and surveying an EV infrastructure request, its often not cost effective or necessary to specify that all charge points can operate at their full speed at the same time.

For these installations, we can provide a load balancing software based solution to cost effectively make the best use of available supply.

Load Balancing diagram


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Most charge points wherever possible will be connected via a LAN cable (ethernet) to provide the charge point connectivity.  Charge point Connectivity will relate to the uptime of the network and ultimately the charge points usability.  Parkable use’s a global sim card to Connect to the four main networks in UK – O2, EE, 3 and Vodaphone.  Our Sim card of choice will connect to the strongest signal in the area starting with 4G, LTE, 3G, 2G, our sims cards are unbiased and not steered to any network provider, giving you the confidence we will look for the best connection available.

    Four simcards in a line

    take the next step with parkable

    Whether you have EV chargers to manage and monetise, are thinking about installing chargers, or are looking at ways to manage charging of your EV fleet, feel free to get in touch.

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    How much revenue can I make from monetising my EV chargers through Parkable?

    The amount of revenue that you can generate will depend on the number of EV chargers, your location, your operating hours and the price you set per kWh.

    Can Parkable help me source EV chargers?

    Absolutely! Just contact us and we can advise you on the best charger option for your needs.

    How do I get in touch with Parkable UK?

    Parkable can be contacted by filling out the contact form on the Parkable website or calling them on 0845 644 8209.

    What is using Parkable like for EV drivers?

    EV drivers use the award-winning Parkable app to find chargers; start, end and pay for charge sessions; and receive automatic receipts. You can learn more about EV charging on the Parkable website.

    How can I find out whether my EV chargers are compatible with Parkable's software?

    If your EV chargers are OCPP 1.6J-compliant, they should be able to integrate with Parkable’s software.

    However, feel free to contact us if you’re unsure if have any questions about charger types and integration.


    We strive to have competitive prices and, with a full range of 24-hour services, we’re sure that we have you covered for any problems that may have arisen or for any installations you may require.

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