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Evnex E/X Series Charger

  • Smart charging (via the parkable back office)
  • Available as 7.4kw Single phase or 22kw Three Phase Untethered
  • Available as 7.4kw Single Phase or 22kw Three phase Tethered Type 2
  • External Fault Protection required
  • Built-in DC 6ma sensitive protective device
  • Built-in LED charging status indicator (Network, charge, fault)
  • RFID Authorisation, App, QR Code
  • 3G/2G Quad Band or LTE-M
  • OZEV Grant Fundable Pending  
  • Local Configuration Interface – Bluetooth
  • IP 54 Rated and UV Stabilised
  • Available in Grey and Custom Branding  
  • Corrosion resistant, fire retardant & impact resistant design
  • Easy to install and maintain


    Evnex E/X Series Charger

    Rolec OCPP Auto charge


    • EC 61851-1 Mode 3 fast charging

    • Available in 1way / 2way & 7.2 kw (32A) /11kW (16A) / 22kW (32A) versions

    • Type 2 (IEC 62196) 3 phase charging socket(s) c/w security hatchlock(s)

    •  Surface or root mountable

    • OCPP 1.6 compliant

    • Custom Branding

    • Access to the Parkable Back Office

    • 2G/3G/4G Technology integrated By SRG Electrical Ltd

    • Remote firmware updates

    • Built-in RFID reader

    • Switchgear & components behind lockable door 

    • Built-in AC overload protection (MCB)

    • Built-in AC & DC fault protection (RCD)

    • Built-in LED charging status indicator socket halo(s)

    • Built-in class 1 MID compliant kWh meter(s)

    • EV driver Pay-to-Charge smartphone integration

    • Easy to install & maintain

    • IP Rated, UV stabilised, corrosion resistant & fire retardant

    ROLEC OCPP AutoCharge

    BP Pulse


    • Available in 1way / 2way & 7.2 kw (32A) /11kW (16A) / 22kW (32A) versions
    • Over Current Protection 2 x 40A MCBs curve D
    • Access to BP Pulse Public Network or private Network
    • 2 x 3 phase 40A MCBs curve D Outlet EV Sockets 2 x Type 2 (EN62196)
    • Safety Protection (RCD) 2 x 30mA Type A RCDs
    • Environmental Protection IP54 (EN60529:1992 + A2:2013)
    • RFID Access Tag Standard ISO / IEC 14443A Control ‘Mode 3’ SELV DC & PWM
    • Control signalling, conforming to ISO/IEC 61851-1 Annex B, validated by Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Kia, PSA, Jaguar Land Rover, VW, Tesla, Smart, Ford, Volvo
    • Wireless Communications GPRS Cellular Data Network Radio Equipment Directive Ethernet Communications
    • Ethernet connection (replacing wireless) available at no extra cost; please specify at time of ordering
    • Network Communications Protocol TCP/IP 2 way communication with secure central server
    • Network Security HTTPS, 128 bit encryption
    • Min Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +55°C (LCD Display remains fully operational at -20°C but may have a slower response below 0°C)
    • Operating Humidity To 95% RH Non-condensing
    • EMC Compliance EN 61000-6-3:2007, EN 61000-6-2:2005
    • Safety Compliance Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC, EN 60950-1:2006 + A12, EN 60950-22:2006
    • EV Charging Compliance EN 61851-1:2001, EN 61851-21:2002, EN 61851-22:2002, IEC 62196-1,
    • ZE READY ZE 1.2 ready , which must be specified at time of ordering OCPP
    • OCPP 1.5 compliant where option requested
    • Pay As You Go Service See the additional service description document
    • Warranty Comprehensive three years’ parts and labour warranty included as standard Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • Colour Options White (RAL9010) as standard; black (RAL9005) available at no extra cost
      BP Pulse EV Charger

      Alfen ICU - Eve Double Pro Line


      • Charging speed: Single and triple phase, 3.7-22kW
      • Access to the parkable back office
      • Size: 590 x 338 x 230mm
      • Versions: Dual socket  version only. 
      • Case: Reinforced sheet moulded composite with IK10 and IP54 rating
      • Mounting: Wall or optional mounting pole
      • Electrical input: 2 x feeder cables or 1 x feeder cable with load balancing across sockets
      • User interface: 7″ full colour screen with logo upload facility
      • Languages supported: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish
      • Eichrecht conformity and user authentication via Girocard (Giro-e) for German market
      • Connectivity: GPRS / Ethernet
      • Communication protocol: OCPP 1.6
      • Data security: ISO 27001
      • Authorisation: RFID / Plug and charge / QR
      Alfen ICU Charger


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